Ciro Rear End Lighting Wiring Y Splitters
Ciro Rear End Lighting Wiring Y Splitter | For Harley-Davidson

Ciro Rear End Lighting Wiring Y Splitters


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Ciro rear end wiring Y splitters will help you connect Plug-N-Play accessories into a Plug-N-play Y harness. See fitment for more detail. 

Installing more than one Ciro Plug-N-Play light kit on the backend of your motorcycle? Keep under your seat clean and tidy with the Ciro Rear End Lighting 4-Way Splitters, eliminating the need for multiple wiring harnesses. This allows a single wiring adapter on the motorcycle to be used for up to four different pairs of Ciro rear end Plug-N-Play lights (wiring adapter not included with 40094, it is provided with each Plug-N-Play lighting kit). Sold in pairs. 

Please see fitment tab for the y-harness compatibilities.  



  • Each kit contains two 4-pin Y splitters that are used to expand Ciro rear lighting product (See Fitment)
  • 40094 splits a single 4 pin wire to 4 wires
  • 40099 splits a single 4 pin wire to 2 wires
  • Sold in pairs (2)
  • Drag Specialties part numbers: 
    • 2120-0890 (40099)
    • 2120-1166 (40094)
  • 4‍0094 and 40099 works with Ciro rear end lighting accessories that utilize a 4-wire system
  • 40094 and 40099 4-pin Y-splitter connector works with Ciro kits:
    • Bag Blade kits: 40008, 40009, 40028, 40029, 40038, 40039, 40042
    • Tour Blade kits: 40200, 40201
    • Snakeyes Kits: 40015, 40016, 40017, 40018
    • Filler Panel Lights kits: 40002, 40003, 40022, 40023, 40024, 40025, 40026, 40027, 40043, 40044, 40045, 40046, 40047, 40048, 40049, 40050
    • Saddlebag Extensions kits: 40100, 40101, 40102, 40103
    • Machete LED Light kits: 40150, 40155
    • Lighted Saddlebag Hing Covers kits: 40070, 40071, 40170, 40171
    • Lighted License Plate Frame: 40300, 40301, 40302, 40303
    • If you already have a CIRO Plug-N-Play harness installed (from one of the kits mentioned above) and are adding more lights you can use the 40094 or 40099 Y-Harness to avoid having multiple Plug-N-Play harnesses installed under the seat.  

Customer Reviews

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Timothy Twitchell
Bag Blades - install with Splitter

I have the Latitude & Machete lights already installed on my RK Special. I wanted a little more visibility for my back end so I installed the Bag Blades. Since I already had the other lights I was wondering about the hook up and if I needed additional plugs. Darren @ customer service said to order the splitter with the Bag Blades. I didn't have to change any of the wiring I had already done with my previously installed lights. Plugged in the splitter to the existing harness then plugged in the Machete and Bag Blades to the splitter.....Done! Everything operates perfectly. Thanks Darren!!

Leonard Rader

Ciro Rear End Lighting Wiring Y Splitters


Good product.

Robbie stilwell
Y splitting harness

These splitters are awesome you daisy chain more lights with less wiring on the Y splitters for the ciro plug and play lights

Gary Murley

The products i have ordered from Ciro right down to the extra wiring extensions have been high quality. I have a 20 Road Glide with filler panels,Machete bag lights,lighted vent trim, Latitude tail light licence plate holder, center brake light on a razor tour pack, perch mount cup holder and perch mount cup holder. A few y splitters and a extension. Everything has been spot on fitting and ease to install, the y-splitters are great for eliminating extra plug and play under seat during install.