Ciro Rear End Lighting Wiring Y Splitters

Ciro Rear End Lighting Wiring Y Splitters


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Ciro rear end wiring Y splitters will help you connect Plug-N-Play accessories into a Plug-N-play Y harness. See fitment for more detail. 



  • 40099 contains two 4-pin Y splitters that are used to expand Ciro® rear lighting product (See Fitment)
  • Drag Specialties part numbers: 2120-0890 (40099)
  • ‍Works with Ciro® rear end lighting accessories that utilize a 4-wire system
  •  40099 4-pin Y-splitter connector works with Ciro kits:
    • Bag Blade kits: 40008, 40009, 40028, 40029, 40038, 40039, 40042
    • Tour Blade kits: 40200, 40201
    • Snakeyes Kits: 40015, 40016, 40017, 40018
    • Filler Panel Lights kits: 40002, 40003, 40022, 40023, 40024, 40025, 40026, 40027, 40043, 40044, 40045, 40046, 40047, 40048, 40049, 40050
    • Saddlebag Extensions kits: 40100, 40101, 40102, 40103
    • Machete LED Light kits: 40150, 40155
    • If you already have a CIRO Plug-N-Play harness installed (from one of the kits mentioned above) and are adding more lights you can use the 40099 Y-Harness to avoid having multiple Plug-N-Play harnesses installed under the seat.  

Customer Reviews

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Leonard Rader

Ciro Rear End Lighting Wiring Y Splitters


Good product.

Robbie stilwell
Y splitting harness

These splitters are awesome you daisy chain more lights with less wiring on the Y splitters for the ciro plug and play lights

Gary Murley

The products i have ordered from Ciro right down to the extra wiring extensions have been high quality. I have a 20 Road Glide with filler panels,Machete bag lights,lighted vent trim, Latitude tail light licence plate holder, center brake light on a razor tour pack, perch mount cup holder and perch mount cup holder. A few y splitters and a extension. Everything has been spot on fitting and ease to install, the y-splitters are great for eliminating extra plug and play under seat during install.

Mike Savoy

Ciro Rear End Lighting Wiring Y Splitters