Led Bag Blades Ciro
Led Bag Blades Ciro
Ciro Led Bag Blades
Bag Blades LED Light with Sequential Amber Turn Signal
Bag Blades LED Light with Sequential Amber Turn Signal
Bag Blades LED Light with Sequential Amber Turn Signal
Ciro Led Bag Blades
Bag Blades LED Light with Sequential Amber Turn Signal

Bag Blades LED Light with Sequential Amber Turn Signal


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Ciro Bag Blades® are one of the cleanest ways to add light to the back of your bike. The low profile light housing sits right below the lid of your bag to blend seamlessly into the back of the bike. Bag Blades® feature super bright run, brake, and sequential AMBER turn signals to be sure you are seen day or night. 

Note: Ciro's can-bus friendly lighting controller works with Bag Blades®, Tour Blade, Snakeyes and Filler Panel Lights for 2014-up bikes. Only one can-bus controller is needed to run all four products. If you do not have the Ciro can-bus controller already, purchase Bag Blades® with can-bus controller. The can-bus controller is only needed on 2014 and newer models using Bag Blades® with the amber turn signal. If you have any questions please email us or give us a call at 715-808-0027. 



  • ‍Plug and play installation with no drilling 
  • ‍Red run and brake lights with AMBER turn signal
  • ‍Sequential AMBER turn signals
  • Red sequential turn signals are also available, CLICK HERE
  • ‍Super bright LEDs
  • ‍Light smoked low-profile lens
  • '14-UP turn signal option available with or without the can-bus controller
  • 3 year warranty 
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the LED's
  • Drag Specialties part numbers:
    • 2040-2011 (40008)
    • 2040-2012 (40009)
    • 2040-2013 (40028)
    • 2040-2014 (40029)
  • '‍14-up Harley-Davidson Touring models including:
    • Part numbers 40008 (with can-bus controller), 40009 (without can-bus controller with Y-harness) 
    • ‍Road King FLHR*
    • ‍CVO Road King FLHRSE*
    • ‍Street Glide FLHX
    • ‍Street Glide Special FLHXS
    • CVO Street Glide*
    • ‍Road Glide FLTR
    • Road Glide FLTRX
    • Road Glide Special FLTRXS
    • ‍Road Glide Ultra FLTRU
    • ‍CVO Road Glide Ultra FLTRUSE*
    • CVO Road Glide FLTRXSE*
    • Electra Glide Standard FLHT
    • ‍Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCU
    • ‍Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low FLHTCUL
    • ‍Electra Glide Ultra Limited FLHTK
    • ‍Electra Glide Ultra Limited Low FLHTKL
    • ‍CVO Limited FLHTKSE*
  • *CVO, Road King Models, or Canadian models (with taillight on rear fender) use  40008
  • '‍10-'13 Harley-Davidson Street Glide & Road Glide Custom models including:
    • Part numbers 40029
    • Street Glide FLHX
    • ‍Street Glide Special FLHXS
    • ‍Road Glide Custom FLTRX
  • '06-'09 Harley-Davidson FLHX model
    • Part Number 40028 
  • '97-'13 Harley-Davidson Touring models including:
    • Part numbers 40028‍
    • Road King FLHR/FLHRI
    • ‍CVO Road King FLHRSEI (except 2008 & 2013)
    • ‍Electra Glide Standard FLHT/FLHTI
    • ‍Electra Glide Classic FLHTC/FLHTCI
    • ‍Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCU/FLHTCUI
    • ‍Electra Glide Ultra Limited FLHTK
    • ‍Road Glide FLTR/FLTRI
    • ‍Road Glide Ultra FLTRU
    • ‍CVO Road Glide Ultra FLTRUSE
    • ‍CVO Electra Glide FLHTCSE
    • ‍CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide FLHTCUSE

10-'12 FLHXSE, '12-'13 FLTRXSE, '09 FLTRXSE, '13 FLHRSE May require hard wiring to the motorcycle





Click Here For 40008 Instructions

Click Here For 40009 Instructions

Click Here For 40028 Instructions

Click Here For 40029 Instructions


  • Q: Will the Ciro Bag Blades work with light strobe kits? 
    • A: No. Sorry due to how the electronics process the signals they work against each other.    
    • Q: Do I need the controller for the Bag Blade lights that flash in red?
      • A: No. The only kits that require the controller are the 2014 and later that are using the amber turn signals. 
    • Q: If I have the Blag Blades with the red turn signals can I add the controller later to make them flash amber?
      • A: No.There is an internal difference between the amber and red turn signals.  
    • Q: I have a 2013 or older touring model, do I need the controller?
      • A: No. Only 2014 and later require the controller when using the amber turn signals. 
    • Q: If I have one of the Ciro light kits on my bike that came with a controller, do I need the another controller for this kit?
      • A: No. If have already have a Ciro controller on your bike you will not need another one. Only one controller is needed per motorcycle. 
    • Q: How should I clean / prep the painted surface prior to installing the Bag Blades?
      • A: All waxes, dirt and road grime needs to be removed with warm soap and water. Once the area is cleaned and dried wipe the area down with denatured alcohol (available at your local hardware store).  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews

    Love ciro products!

    Great addition

    The lights look and work great. Installation was easy and they work as advertised.

    Bag Blades on a 2015 Harley Road King

    Great instructions. Work great! Excellent brightness and better visibility from behind makes me be better seen day & night, they work great with the Bag fill lights too. They aren’t as easy to line up, I finally used some corrugated cardboard as a spacer between the bag lids and the blades. Still left to right saddlebag may differ a bit. I’m really picky tho. The clear case that covers the leds came with small lines of glue on them. It came off with alcohol, no problem. One thing that does cause me grief tho, and it has actually kept me from adding these bag blades to other bikes in the past, you have to remove the seat to disconnect the wire plug to pull your saddle bag off. It would be nice to be able to disconnect the wiring without having to remove the seat. When wanting to check your rear tire pressure, sometimes just pulling the saddlebag off is way easier than laying on the ground and trying to find your valve stem. Especially in foul weather. These Just added another step or two to doing that. Still, it’s a great product as are the other Ciro products I have.

    Must have

    I wanted to add light to the rear for visibility without looking like a circus ride! These are sleek and compliments the lines of the bike! Very bright and easy to install!!


    The blades are nice. They were easy to install and are very low profile, but throw out big light. I am thoroughly pleased with the blades on my bike. Not only have theys added additional visibility but they do it in style.