Front End Lighting Y-Connectors (one pair)

Front End Lighting Y-Connectors (one pair)


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Going to add 2,3,4 or even more lighting kits to the front of your Harley? These Y-connectors can be used when installing multiple Ciro® front end lighting kits with amber turn signals. This part will decrease the amount of wiring harnesses inside the inner fairing and make for a cleaner and easier installation. 

Add this Y-harness to the Ciro installation harness that came in one of the kits listed below and you can install additional kits (listed below) without adding any more installation harnesses, saving you space. You will can use one Y-harness kit for each kit added. 

Sold as one pair.

Works with kits:

45205, 45206 Fang LED Headlight Bezel 

45102, 45100, 45102 Bat Blades

11000, 11001 Horizon LED Lighted Windshield Trim 

11050, 11051 Horizon LED Lighted Windshield Trim for Road Glide

45103 Road Blade

43001, 43003 Forkini Lower Fork Leg Covers 


14-up Harley-Davidson Touring models (to be used with Ciro front end amber turn signal lighting)

Drag Specialties part number 2120-1154

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Front End Lighting Y-Connectors

Connector fit great super simple plug and play. Arrived quickly.